Network Access

Network Access is a term used to broadly define all access services provided by telecom providers. Network Access can be broken down into two main sub groups, Voice Access and Data Access.


Voice Access includes all voice services that give clients access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The PSTN is a voice cloud that addresses all end-points by telephone number and allows people and devices to make and receive calls on demand.


Data Access includes all data services that give clients access to the Internet and/or Private Network destinations. Devices connected to these broadband networks are addressed by IP address, controlled by advanced routing and can have the flexibility to move information to and from anywhere in the world.


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Data Access

Internet & Private Fiber or Broadband


Voice Access

PRI’s, SIP and other PSTN Access

Network Availability (99.99%)0

Xclutel has built a state of the art data network within the IBX ecosystem of Equinix. Leveraging their world-class Data Centers, Xclutel has access to hundreds of carrier networks and data center facilities across the globe. This strategic partnership gives your business the opportunity to be one hop away from all of the top internet destinations in the world. With over 95 data centers in 31 major business markets, you can rapidly deploy a scalable, global footprint while maintaining Equinix’s premium standards of performance, reliability, security and network choice.

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to you and your team at Xclutel. We have enjoyed a great working relationship with you company for several years. When we sat down a couple of years ago, to explore solutions to our communications challenges, the team at Xclutel presented some great options to help us achieve goals to improve the quality of care to our patients and decrease the frustration of our staff. Since the deployment of our new communication structure, we have continued to improve on both. In addition, Xclutel has been responsive and quick to provide a great solution to our communications needs, and we hope to continue a strong relationship going forward. ~ Practice Administrator - Health Care Provider